Accident News Video: Spanish Fork Canyon, Utah: Teen Katherine P. Marcus And Taylor Marcus (12) Killed And 3 Victims Injured In U.S. 6 Crash

A teen and 12-year-old victim occupied one car in this two-vehicle crash. 3 people occupied a Jeep. The two kids were killed, and the 3 victims in the other vehicle all sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Katherine P. Marcus was the driver who died, and her passenger was Taylor Marcus. She was 16, and he was 12. They lived in Ogden, Utah. Names of the 3 people in the Jeep were not available at the time of writing.

Marcus had entered U.S. 6 in Spanish Fork Canyon, Utah. She had previously been traveling on Highway 89. Details aren’t clear as to exactly how this happened, but the Jeep hit Marcus’s car in the side.

Marcus family members would typically get no-fault insurance benefits since Utah has personal injury protection. PIP includes up to $1500 for a funeral and $3000 in cash for the death of a victim. Proof of negligence against the Jeep driver is not necessary at all to get this money, as it comes directly from the company insuring the car that Marcus was driving.

The Jeep occupants would follow the same process to get money for their medical expenses. However, depending on the policy limits, PIP might or might not pay all of the expenses.

Any additional money would have to come from a tort lawsuit. At that point, proof of negligence against one of the drivers would be necessary. has a photo gallery of shots taken after the crash. No video is provided at the time of posting.

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