Anaheim, California Crash News Video: Hector Manzo And Georgina Gallegos Killed In East Street Accident; Gallegos’ Teen Son Injured

The Los Angeles affiliate for CBS has released a video about this Anaheim, California accident. One car and three occupants were involved. Two adults were killed, and a teen boy who is the son of the woman who died was injured. A dog also died. You can see a link below to the CBS article and video.

The report did not state who was driving at the time of the accident. But while going down East Street, the driver lost control and hit 2 cars that were parked next to the street. The vehicle then overturned, rammed through a wall, and came to rest in the yard of someone’s house. This happened at about 10 at night, and the date was Sunday, March 9, 2014.

Hector Manza and Georgina Gallegos were the victims who died. He was 23, and she was 33. Georgina’s son, the teen boy who was seriously injured but is now stable, is 15 years old.

Police believe that speed was a factor in the crash, and this could turn out to be evidence of negligence, depending on the strength of that evidence. However, if the boy or the estate of Manza or Gallegos intends to sue the driver, then the first thing that needs to be determined is who was actually driving.

California uses a tort liability system for car accident and insurance. So an accident reconstruction to prove how fast the car was going or other evidence of careless or wreckless driving will be needed to secure a win or settlement.

CBS Los Angeles Video

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