Crash News Video For Berlin, Maryland: Melanie Eve Welton Killed In 1-Car Accident On Route 50

This one-car accident was on a Friday morning, on March 28, 2014. It was on Route 50, between about 8:15 and 8:30. The scene was in the Berlin, Maryland area.

Melanie Eve Welton was the driver, and she was killed. No one else was injured. Welton was 44 and lived in Berlin, MD.

The victim was driving a Dodge Durango when she lost control for some reason. The vehicle went into the median and smacked into a tree. Delmarva Now says that Welton died after being transported to Atlantic General Hospital.

Although it was not clear after the crash what caused this incident to occur, an accident reconstruction was begun. This may reveal the Durango’s speed, whether the brakes were used, and other physical factors. But it will not necessarily determine what initially caused Welton to lose control.

Negligence might not be crucial in this crash simply because only one vehicle was involved. It doesn’t seem like there is any property damage other than to the victim’s vehicle. And money for that would come from collision coverage, not liability. Maryland motorists are allowed to purchase medical payments coverage, and this would be available whether Welton was negligent or not when she lost control of the Durango. The question, though, is whether or not she actually purchased this coverage before the accident.

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