DeSoto County, Mississippi Accident Video News: Daniel Ray George Killed In I-55 Crash; 1 Woman And Her Grandchild Injured

A young adult male has been killed in an accident on the ramp to I-55 from Goodman Road, in DeSoto County, Mississippi. Daniel Ray George was driving the Nissan Maxima that crashed. He was 21 and lived in Southaven, Mississippi. His passengers were a 32-year-old female and a 22-month old grandchild of that woman. They were both injured. The woman’s condition is more serious and required surgery, but the child has already been released.

The DeSoto Times report says that two vehicles were involved, and there was no mention of injuries when it comes to occupants of the other car.

The cause is fairly uncertain at this time. All that was reported is that George was changing lanes around the time of the accident. This is not enough for us to possibly determine who may have been at fault. It is often very difficult to ferret out the facts surrounding crashes occurring due to a lane change. You have to know exactly what position the cars were in, how fast the vehicles were going, etc.

The nature of the accident may make it hard for the victims to get compensation for medical expenses. But since Mississippi is an at-fault state, the general procedure is to file a tort suit based on negligence of one of the drivers. A lawyer is probably needed for an accident of this complexity.

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