Lloyd, Ulster County, New York Crash Video News: Wayne Donaldson And Tracey Krug Killed In Accident On Route 9W

Two victims were killed in this two-vehicle crash. They were both drivers, and there were no injured passengers. The accident was in Lloyd, Ulster County, New York. The Route 9W location is in the hamlet of Highland. It happened on Saturday, March 29, 2014, at about 7 in the morning.

Wayne Donaldson was 50 years old, and he lived in Highland. Tracey Krug was 51 and was from Plattekill, New York.

Police think that Krug was traveling at a high rate of speed in a BMW SUV and then crossed over into oncoming traffic. This caused a collision with Donaldson’s BMW car.

The term “high rate of speed” was not clarified in the police report. So it appears to be just an early opinion that doesn’t yet have actual evidence to back it up. Sometimes, an accident reconstruction can provide actual evidence of speed. Nonetheless, because Krug is the one who crossed the center line (according to police), then it is Donaldson’s family who may wish to consider filing a lawsuit against Krug’s estate. Evidence of negligence is needed, and actual proof of speeding would be helpful in this regard.

Before possibly filing a lawsuit, though, family members of both Donaldson and Krug should file for no-fault benefits. Even negligent drivers are entitled to this money. So regardless of the outcome of any fault investigation in this accident, both drivers’ families qualify for some benefits.

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