Marlboro County, South Carolina Crash Video News: Teens Allison English and Jeremiah Dean Adams Killed In SC 79/SC 38 Accident Involving Log Truck

Two teens in a pickup truck and a truck used to haul logs were involved in this fatal crash. The male and female teen killed were both from Marlboro County, South Carolina, which was also the location of this accident. It was near the intersection of SC Highway 79 and SC Highway 38.

Allison English and Jeremiah Dean Adams were the kids in the pickup. They were both reported to be 16 years of age.

At around 1:30 in the afternoon, on Tuesday, March 4, 2014, the pickup truck is believed to have crossed over into oncoming traffic, according to WNCT. A collision then occurred between the pickup and the logging truck.

If the early reports on this accident turn out to be accurate, it is not likely that the truck driver was negligent in any way. The question as to whether Adams was negligent is still open. He was identified by authorities as the driver, but it may be very difficult to determine exactly why he crossed the center line since there were no survivors in the pickup that can give eyewitness testimony.

Because there was considerable damage to the logging truck, whoever owns that truck may be interested in filing a lawsuit. Negligence would have to be proven, but South Carolina, like most states, requires property damage liability coverage. That is the coverage that would provide money for damage to the truck.

Since English was the passenger, then her family members might also be interested in a wrongful death lawsuit. But again, it would be beneficial to have more evidence suggesting that Adams was at fault because proving that would be required to prevail in a lawsuit.


No video is online yet, but Carolina Live has a slideshow about this accident.

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