Pennsylvania Crash Video Files – 3 Victims Killed In Sandmeyer Lane Accident In Bustleton Area (Philadelphia) – Sabrina Rhoads, Yvette Gonzalez, And Felipe Hernandez

3 young people, including 2 17-year-old teen girls, were killed in this Philadelphia crash. A young man was also killed, and one other victim was critically injured. The accident was on Sandmeyer Lane, in the Bustleton area of Philly.

Sabrina Rhoads and Yvette Gonzalez were from Philadelphia. Felipe Hernandez, 20, was from Medford, New Jersey. These 3 died at the scene. Rhoads was a George Washington High School student.

Bagdon Arutyunov, 17 and from Philadelphia, was the victim who was critically injured.

Christopher Bloomfield, 20 and also from Philly, is the one who was allegedly driving the vehicle. Although he was not at the scene, he showed up at the hospital later. 6 ABC says Bloomfield is talking to police, but said he doesn’t really remember much of what happened.

Note: Earlier reports alluded to a possible drag race. It doesn’t seem clear now whether or not there was an actual race. And the cause has not been determined.

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Pennsylvania Crash Video Files – Oliver Wendell Holmes IV Killed In Davis Road ATV Accident In Rayne Township, Indiana County

Oliver Wendell Holmes IV has died in an ATV accident in the area of Rayne Township, Indiana County, Pennsylvania. It was on the morning of Wednesday, July 29, 2015. Holmes was 29 years old. He lived in Home.

The time of the crash must have been before 4:30 in the morning. That is about when the victim was pronounced dead.

Holmes was riding the ATV on Davis Road when he lost control for an unknown reason. The vehicle went off the road and crashed down an embankment. The victim collided with a utility pole and some corn cribs.

Holmes was allegedly not wearing a helmet, and WPXI says that drinking and driving is suspected.

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Pennsylvania Crash Video Files – Laura Williams Killed In Chestnut Street-South Cedar Crest Boulevard Motorcycle Accident In Emmaus, Lehigh County

Laura Williams has been killed in a motorcycle crash in Emmaus, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. It was at the intersection of Chestnut Street and South Cedar Crest Boulevard. The date was Wednesday, July 29, 2015.

Williams was 54 years old. She lived in Emmaus, on Dell Street. The victim was operating the motorcycle when she got involved in an intersection collision with a garbage truck, at about 4 in the afternoon.

The victim was pronounced dead later that night, at Lehigh Valley Hospital.

The local police had still not released details on what caused this collision between the motorcycle and trash truck to occur.

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Crash Video Files For Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 3 Victims Killed And 1 Injured In Suspected Drag Racing Accident On Sandmeyer Lane; Teen Sabrina Marie Rhoads Identified

Update: One of the victims has been identified. Teenager Sabrina Marie Rhoads was 18. She was one of 5 occupants of a ca that hit a tree.

Update: Go here to see the names of all the victims.

Update: References to a possible drag race have been removed from the article linked to below. It is still up in the air whether a race actually took place.

3 victims were killed and one was injured in what Philadelphia police believe was a drag race, according to Names of those who died and the one injured person were not posted yet at the time of publication.

The location of the crash was Sandmeyer Lane, in Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was in the Bustleton area, and also close to Red Lion Road.

The date of the accident was Wednesday, July 29, 2015. It was about 11:30 at night.

In addition to the names, the ages and hometowns of the victims were not yet available.

Details such as how many vehicles were involved and who was in each vehicle were still not released to the public.

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Pennsylvania Crash Video Files – Noel Lyttle Killed In Route 940 Motorcycle Accident In Luzerne County

Noel Lyttle is the motorcycle rider who was killed when he slammed into a vehicle while moving at a high rate of speed, in Foster Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. This was on Tuesday, July 28, 2015, at Route 940 and North Lehigh Gorge Drive.

Who had the right of way was not immediately determined. But the Pennsylvania State Police are investigating.

Stephen Pompella, 68 and from White Haven, is the man who was driving the SUV. He was not injured, and there were no other reported injuries.

Lyttle was 31 years old. He lived in Freeland. This motorcyclist died at the scene.

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Pennsylvania Crash Video Files – Thomas Kearns Killed In North Broad Street Motorcycle Accident In East Bangor

Thomas Kearns has been identified as the man who died in a motorcycle accident in East Bangor, Pennsylvania, on Sunday, July 26, 2015. It was about 8:30 in the morning. Kearns was from Marshalls Creek, by way of New York City. He was 50 years old.

The victim was riding on North Broad Street, close to Upper Mount Bethel Township. He veered off the road and crashed into the brush, eventually coming to rest in a wooded area. Skid marks showed that he tried to brake. But it was not clear what initially caused Kearns to lose control. The coroner did list it as an accident, however.

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Pennsylvania Crash Video Files – Corey R. Troy Killed In Carlisle Pike Accident In Silver Spring Township

Corey R. Troy has been identified by the Cumberland County Coroner’s Office as the man who died in a car accident in Silver Spring Township, Pennsylvania, on Monday, July 27, 2015. It happened on Carlisle Pike.

Only one vehicle was involved, and that was Troy’s Jeep. He lost control at about 8:45 at night. When the vehicle crashed, it rolled over, ejecting the unrestrained victim.

Troy died from his injuries at the scene of the accident. He was 23 and lived in Middlesex Township.

The investigating agency is the Silver Spring Township Police Department.

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Pennsylvania Crash Video Files – Nadine Noel Killed In Route 313-Mountain View Drive Accident In East Rockhill Township, Bucks County

Nadine Noel, 36 and from Philadelphia, has died in a traffic accident in East Rockhill Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It was at the Route 313-Mountain View Drive intersection, on Saturday, July 25, 2015. The time was about 7:30 in the evening.

Noel was pronounced dead at St. Luke’s University Hospital, after a crash that occurred when Noel was driving one of two vehicles. But besides the fact that she was one of the driver, details on the wreck were not available yet. That includes whether or not Noel was buckled up.

The Penn Ridge Regional police and the Lehigh County Coroner’s Office are investigating.

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Pennsylvania Crash Video Files – Stephen Nelson Killed In Accident In Straban Township, Adams County

Stephen Nelson has died in a two-vehicle accident in Pennsylvania. It was on Straban Township, Adams County. The date was Saturday, July 25, 2015. It was close to 6:30 in the morning. ABC 27 did not yet have the street address of the crash.

The Pennsylvania State Police says that this was a head-on collision that involved Nelson and Alan Echker. Details of the cause and circumstances were not available yet, and it was not clear whether either driver was at fault. ABC 27 did not say who was or was not wearing a seat belt.

Echker was first sent to Hanover Hospital. He was then transferred to York Hospital on account of serious injuries.

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Pennsylvania Crash Video Files – James R. Stewart Killed In West Beau Street-Jefferson Avenue Accident In Washington County

James R. Stewart, 68, has died in a car accident in Washington County, Pennsylvania. It was in the city of Washington, as well. The location was West Beau Street and Jefferson Avenue, and the date was Friday, July 24, 2015.

Stewart was reportedly broadsided in the intersection by an as-yet unidentified car and driver. This was at about 4:30 in the afternoon. The victim was then sent to and died less than an hour later at Washington Hospital.

According to, both local police and the Pennsylvania State Police continue to investigate. This type of crash usually results from a failure to yield the right of way. But if that happened in this case, it was not clear yet who failed to yield.

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