Crash Video Files – Herbert Farenkoff Killed In Route 209 Accident In Franklin Township, Carbon County, Pennsylvania

Herbert Farenkoff, 60 and from Kunkletown, has been killed in a bus accident in Franklin Township, Carbon County, Pennsylvania. It involved a Carbon County Community Transit bus. The date of the crash was Wednesday, May 4, 2016. Farenkoff was identified by the Coroner’s Office. That office said that the cause of death was blunt force trauma.

The victim was a passenger in what was described as a small bus that crashed on Route 209. The bus had a collision with a van at close to 9 in the morning.

According to, the collision occurred in a curve at a time when the road was wet.

2 or more unidentified individuals had unspecified injuries.

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Crash Video Files – Teens Kyler Catlett and Yolanda Jackson Killed In Route 119 Accident In Georges Township, Pennsylvania

Kyler Catlett and Yolanda Jackson have been named as the 2 teenagers killed in a car accident in Georges Township, Pennsylvania. Catlett was 17 and a student at Albert Gallatin Area High School. She lived in Smithfield. Jackson was also 17. But she lived in Uniontown and was a Uniontown Area High School student.

A teen girl, 16, was injured and airlifted to Ruby Memorial Hospital.

According to WTAE, a member of the Fire Department believes that the car was going about 100 MPH before the crash, which was on Tuesday, May 3, 2016. The vehicle hit some embankments and a telephone pole along Route 119. The time was about 11 at night. Catlett is believed to have been driving. And everyone was using a seat belt.

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Crash Video Files – Kelly Shaffer Killed In Rockton Mountain Highway Accident In Lawrence County, Pennsylvania

Kelly Shaffer, 57 and from Tipton, has been killed in a car accident in Lawrence Township, Pennsylvania. One vehicle was involved in the crash, which was Rockton Mountain Highway. The scene was close to Race Street, and the time was about 20 minutes after midnight.

Shaffer was identified as the driver of the wrecked vehicle. Gant Daily had no specifics on the cause and circumstances from the Lawrence Township Police Department, which is investigating.

Shaffer died at the scene of the crash. Gant Daily’s article did not mention the involvement of any passengers. They also did not say whether Shaffer was wearing a seat belt.

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Crash Video Files – Debra Stettler Killed In Cherryville Road Accident In Allen Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania

Debra Stettler has died in a Cherryville Road car accident. It happened in the Allen Township area of Northampton County, Pennsylvania. The date was Monday, May 1, 2016. The time was about 12 noon.

Brianna Butto, 18 and from Walnutport, allegedly crossed over and collided with Stettler’s car. Debra was then trapped and had to be extricated from her car. WFMZ’s report had not received information from investigators on what caused Butto to lose control.

The victim was 60 years old. She lived in Whitehall Township.

Both drivers were sent to Lehigh Valley Cedar Crest Hospital. Stettler died there, and teenager Butto was being treated for serious injuries.

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Crash Video Files – Nicole Boyle Killed In Sunset Drive Accident In Center Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania

Nicole Boyle has died in a car crash in Center Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania. It happened on Sunset Drive, on Monday, May 2, 2016. The time was around 3 in the morning.

No one discovered the wreck until about 3 hours later. According to WPXI, people in the area say they heard something. But they just assumed it was a thunderstorm that was in the area around the time of the accident.

When Boyle was discovered, it appears that she had run into a pole that snapped in half. This also caused some downed wires. The car also hit some trees. No clue was given yet as to what may have caused the crash.

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Crash Video Files – Eric Barksdale Perez (6) And Ziare Ross Wilson (20) Killed In Henry Avenue Accident In East Falls, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Previous reports on this accident had said that a boy was killed. Now, it has been confirmed that the boy and a young man both died as a result of this Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, crash. The scene was on Henry Avenue, and the date was Sunday, May 1, 2016.

The boy has been identified as Eric Barksdale Perez. He was 6 years old. The 20-year-old man who died is Ziare Ross Wilson. 9 people in all were injured, including the 2 decedents. And 3 more were critically injured, including 2 women and the baby girl. No driver names were available yet.

Perez and Wilson were rear-seat passengers in a Mazda 6 that collided with a Mazda 3. The Mazda 6 was spinning before the collision, and police say weather conditions might have been a factor. And some of the victims were also not wearing their seat belts, according to In fact, police believe that only one infant in the Mazda 6 was restrained.

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Crash Video Files – Brady Lee Graff Killed In US 422 Motorcycle Accident In Manor Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania

Brady Lee Graff has died in a motorcycle crash on US 422, in Manor Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. The date was Saturday, April 30, 2016. The time was around 8 at night.

Graff was riding the motorcycle, and Jerilyn Lloyd was the driver of the Jeep Liberty. Lloyd allegedly drove into Graff’s path when going into the parking lot of a Dairy Queen. Graff’s bike then hit the Jeep.

Graff, 23 and from Plumcreek Township, died at the scene of the accident. Lloyd, who is from Kittanning, was not reportedly injured.

Graff was allegedly not wearing a helmet. Although authorities say this is considered an accident, Trib Live’s report did not specifically say whether any charges were being considered.

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Crash Video Files – Boy Killed And 8 Victims Injured In Henry Avenue Accident In East Falls, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

One boy believed to be about 5 to 7 years of age has been killed in a car accident in East Falls, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was on Henry Avenue, on Sunday, May 1, 2016. The time was about 4 in the afternoon.

Besides the boy, whose name was not provided yet, 8 victims sustained injuries. The child who died and the other 8 were all sent to a hospital. The child was pronounced dead there.

A baby who is less than 1 year old was said to be critically injured. All told, 4 kids were injured, along with 5 adults. This includes the boy who died. But no other victims’ names were available yet, either. 2 other children and 4 adults were also reportedly suffering from critical injuries.

A car with the children in it allegedly crossed over and collided with the other vehicle. The cause was unknown at the time of this post.

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Crash Video Files – Cory Dee Killed In Accident Near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania After Allegedly Stealing Car

Cory Dee has died in a car accident near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A man says he picked up Dee when he saw her walking along the road on Route 909, or Coxcomb Hill. Shortly thereafter, he got out at a convenience store. The man left the keys in the car, and Dee allegedly stole it. She drove off a pretty short distance and crashed the car. Dee died of her injuries.

Dee was 37 and from Tarentum.

There was no chase involved. The car was spotted by someone at about 6:30 in the morning. So the precise time of the wreck was not clear. But the woman had been picked up at about 2:30 in the morning, on Saturday, April 30, 2016.

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Crash Video Files – Timothy Brek And Tyler Chapin Killed In ATV Accident In Fairmount Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania

Timothy Brek and Tyler Chapin have been killed in an ATV accident in Pennsylvania. It was in Fiarmount Township, Luzerne County. The date was Saturday, April 30, 2016, and the time was about 8:30 at night. The exact street address was not posted yet.

Brek was 35 and from Sweet Valley. Chapin was 25 and lived in Stillwater.

The victims were reportedly ejected when the ATV flipped over. It first traveled off the road in a curve, hit a stump, and went down an embankment.

According to, the Pennsylvania State Police presume that speed was a factor. In other words, they are just speculating at this point about why the operator did not negotiate the curve.

The men died at the scene.

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