Zachary Conzo (6) Killed And Kristin Conzo Injured In Chuckanut Drive/Oyster Creek Crash: Skagit County, Washington Accident Video News

A 6-year-old boy riding as a passenger was killed in this one-vehicle crash. KOMO was not sure yet but said that the woman driver, who was injured, was believed to be the boy’s mother.

Kristin Conzo was driving on Chuckanut Drive when the accident occurred. The location was in Skagit County, Washington, and Oyster Creek runs along the road there.

After Conzo lost control, the car ended up going down the embankment and landing upside down in the creek. The vehicle was a Ford Escape. This was on Monday evening, March 31, 2014. It was close to 5, and Conzo reached a sharp turn in the road. She failed to negotiate it for some reason, resulting in the wreck.

Washington’s at-fault insurance system generally requires victims to show that some other person was negligent and caused a crash. That can be an uncomfortable situation among family members. But that is sometimes the only option for a victim’s family members to get compensation and pay for expenses. With that said, it is not certain that Kristin Conzo was negligent. It is likely, though, that no one else was. Exceptions to that would be if someone negligently maintained the vehicle or if a manufacturer’s design defect caused the accident. Legally, those are unlikely from a percentage standpoint. (no video yet, but a photo of the Escape is posted with the article)

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